November 25, 2013

Serene Sunday

I've not had pony posts lately because I've been a bit distracted with a furry kitty.  Dani is doing good, staying warm in the winter storms we've had and getting some turn out time.  Hopefully with the Thanksgiving holiday and warmer weather I can get some riding in!

So about the kitty, Little Miss Stubs is very vocal when asking for her food.  I listened to my husbands advice and on Sunday went out with a carrier to try and coax her with food into it and then close the door.  I must have closed the door too soon or when she wasn't far enough in because she backed out really fast, bumped open the door and ran off about 10 feet.  She came back but didn't get too close to me, she did go back into the carrier to eat food when I was far enough away.

I'm trying a live trap very soon.  We've had some cold, cold weather and I hate having her out there without a good place to sleep.  She has a bed out of the wind but she's a domestic critter that should be taken care of as I've said before, I'm not sure I'm an advocate of feral cat colonies.  I'm not against outdoor cats; I plan to have barn cats but be able to provide a really nice location for them to stay and regular vet care just like my indoor kitty.  At my previous barn the cats stayed in the laundry room...nice and warm.  

Wish me luck with catching her and that the transition into our house will go well.  Hopefully it will work well for her, I really don't want to bring her back to the barn where I know her life could be shorter and where she's all alone

UPDATE: Stubs was successfully trapped after many in and outs in the trap....she was almost too tiny to set it off!  She is now warm in our guest bedroom under the bed with food, water, bedding and a litter box.  Over the next couple of weeks she'll adjust and we can start to really love on her.  Now I won't be so worried about her when I go to the barn!!!  I can just concentrate on Dani!

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