November 13, 2013

Unexpected Company

What a fun day Sunday was!!!  First off it was gorgeous, I only needed to wear a tee shirt.  I started Dani out in the round pen.  Since I hadn't ridden in a bit I figured it was best to see that she was in a good frame of mind. The canter to the right seems to have some issues, Dani keeps breaking into a trot.  I'll have to keep on that and see if she just doesn't use that lead as much so it feels awkward.  She didn't show any signs of pain or physical issues at least, perhaps she's just lazy on that side?

Anyhow, Dani is so fuzzy now!!  I tried to get as much dirt off her as I could without washing her.  I took a damp sponge and tried to get the fine dust that always seems to cling to her hairs.  When she rolls around here it just clings to her and brushing just creates more static cling.  The water worked okay but I also used a coat spray to help move the dirt.  It's an unending battle!  

As I was leading Dani to the arena I saw Gina and Barbara in a truck coming into the grounds.  Elaine followed shortly after with her rig.  Barbara was at the Veterans Day parade with me on Saturday (post coming on that!).  I waved at them as I walked into the arena to mount up.  I hopped on and did a slow loose walk around the outer edge of the ring.  Then I did small circles at the trot.  I felt good and in rhythm.  Dani was going at a nice pace so I extended our trot down the long side of the arena.  It was nice going!  I had NO fear, no worries and turning wasn't squirrely like it'd been before.  Dani's a sensitive gal so I don't need to ask her very hard at the trot for the turns, when I've first started trotting I think I was too tense and asked too abruptly.  Today we were in sync.  It was fantastic.

The gals joined me in the ring and worked on trots themselves.  Also lopes.  Their horses are certainly western as they can do the jog quite well.  Dani has a big trot, I don't know if I'll ever want to work on a slow jog with her.  We all gathered in a small area to chat.  The two mares ears would pin back but Barbara and I corrected our girls and they behaved themselves.  Gina and Elaine had gone to a jumping clinic and wanted to set up some poles to practice over.  They dismounted and started getting supplies from the shed.  I did a couple trots down the arena and then joined them.  Dani stood untied near the other horses in the middle of the arena while we all moved poles and jump stands.  What a good girl she was!  Her ears were pricked forward as she watched me.  I was delighted she didn't decide to walk off and try to roll with her saddle on....what a tragedy that would have been.  Nope she was perfect.  

I watched at first as the gals trotted over the poles, I just had Dani walk over them and step over the mini jump.  As the jumps got higher the gals were cantering over the poles and then the two jumps.  They were working on 2 point.  It's interesting to see the interest in jumping in a western saddle.  It's all because of the EXCA since that competition includes jumps as an obstacle.  After the session I helped them get their equipment stowed away.  It was so much fun riding with them and chit chatting about riding.  Dani was such a great girl and I felt so happy about our trotting; we felt really connected.  We had sooooo much fun!

Later while cleaning Dani's run I got to see Stubs at a earlier time than expected!  It was still bright out and she's getting closer and closer to me each day.  What a pretty little girl she is!!  Today was such a fabulous day!  Great trotting, no worries, easy posting and hanging out with KCRC friends....topped off by a cute little kitty friend.  Sometimes unexpected company just makes your day!  Happy rides!

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Kalin said...

Red was used as a western pleasure horse for the majority of his showing life but he has such a fast extended trot, probably courtesy of his dressage training, and a really fast lope. I'd love to slow his down some and we're working on it. Not exactly my training of choice but whatever!