November 15, 2013

I Was Mewed At!

If a cat meows at you, mews even, ever so faintly it's a compliment.  Stubbs is saying I'm hers and she wants something; needs something from me.  The other day she was waiting for me in her little spot.  She was ready for dinner.  I gave her the can contents in her little bowl and then put the empty can on the old waterer (it's that yellowish thing next to the hay bin).  I then went about cleaning up and feeding Dani.

Well Little Miss Stubbs wanted to get the little bits still in that can so she jumped up to the waterer and began licking the inside of the can, it slipped onto the ground and so she jumped off and finished up on the ground.  She is acting braver around me ever day.

Yesterday she was only about 4 feet away, I was squatted down turned to the side and glancing at her; trying not to threaten her in any way.  She made several moves towards me like she wanted to rub against me (Armani does this all the time but actually follows through and loves on me, almost to the point of me not being able to move!).  She took several steps but then stopped and turned and moved back to where she was before.  She looked at me, head cocked eyes wide in longing almost.  She mewed faintly.  She made several moves towards me; she wasn't really sure, there was a mini battle going on inside her.  Was she ready to fully trust me yet?

She will get a bit of a shock when I take her home and to the vet for neutering and all that fun stuff.  It's hard to explain to a precious little feline that it's in her best interest.  That's why I don't want to do the catch, spay and release right away like feral cat programs do.  She's not a feral cat, she's a stray of which I know the origin.  I want to keep building the trust.  Who knows she may decide she'd rather be an indoor kitty and stay with us.  I've warned about this possibility Steve but we both agree that it's up to her.  We have Armani and the pups to worry about too, everyone has to agree to the arrangement.  Either  way I want her to be happy.  It's fun having a little feline friend at the barn though!

The interactions between her and Dani are cute.  One time Stubbs was sitting on the matt watching Dani and I.  Dani saw the little cat and with her head down low and ears pricked forward went to go say hello.  Their eyes were locked and curious but as the large equine moved closer to the tiny kitty, Stubbs bolted a couple feet to the other side of the railing.  "That's close enough thank you!"  I often wonder how long Stubbs hangs around with Dani after I leave each night.  The time is approaching when I'll be setting the live trap....early December is the plan, AFTER a party my hubby and I are hosting don't need to traumatize the poor thing even more!  Who knows if I'll need the trap by then.  

Anyways, that's my update on the kitty, she's getting braver, coming closer and is still just as precious as ever!


Kalin said...

We've taken in countless numbers of strays and even wild cats. Our most recent one, Emmy, was completely wild and just mean. She refused to get any closer than about 40 feet away, but slowly, she started coming closer. She ended up having a litter of kittens-stupid tom cats!-and we saved them, she was still wild. In the end, she turned out to be the sweetest little cat ever.

lytha said...

you just described the relationship between my horse and my cat. although i pray that the cat is smart enough to keep herself safe from a horse and a donkey. i love it everytime i'm out there and my cat is there too. today she just hunted mice, and when i picked her up, to her chagrin, she eventually relaxed and started drawing blood on my arm, kneading it happily. if you were here i'd show you the blood : ) good luck with your kitty.

Camryn said...

A adore my barn cats and the feeling is mutual for sure. Maizee scurries away from Camryn but, in the morning I often find her sleeping on the stall door with Camryn's huge head over her. Always makes me feel good.