January 26, 2016

New Years and Ponies

Steve's dad and Steve really like going to local breweries.  Heck who am I kidding, so do I.  That's what we did on New Year's Eve until about 9ish, then we headed home to toast in the New Year properly....in our pjs of course!

Crank Arm Brewery was on the best breweries we hit that night.  I really like the creative serving tray they used.  The decor was very bike oriented.

There was a wit, a couple saisons (my favorite beer styles) and then some Golden ale and browns.  They seemed to have a good variety and most were pretty good.  We'll have to go again.

Steve and I took on the large came of Jenga...it went for quite a while but alas I was the one to knock it over.  I was doing good for a bit though!

Me with my in-laws Mac and Kathi.

Back at home with my love toasting the New Year with our Dragon flutes from our wedding....lovely gift from Michael and Justin and Mike and Ashaleigh.   Love you guys!

This was the first New Year's that I could go out and celebrate with my pony...now ponies!  I went out for a hug with Chance and Dani and tried to do some selfies.  In the pitch black dark I couldn't really see what I was pointing the camera at and I think I blinded both myself and the ponies

Nothing like a Chance ear and then a photo of my hand with Dani....didn't even make it in my own selfie!

Blurry nostril pictures are awesome...

Was very happy though to toast in the New Years with all my critters at home!  Hope you all make 2016 awesome!

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