January 20, 2016

Family Fun and Holidays

The holidays are lots of fun and even though I have family coming to visit I always say I'm going to ride.  It rarely happens.  We had one day where we went to ride the horses.  Mostly because of weather but other times because we were doing family things.  I sometimes find it hard to  go out to the barn for a long period of time.  Sure we groom the horses and do regular care but training?  Nope doesn't happen.  I need to get over that.  Steve's parents visit often and for a couple weeks at a time.  I know they don't care if I go ride my horse they are pretty chill about things but I guess I feel guilty in a way.  Anyways...enough of that!

Armani enjoyed his location under the tree but at one point I had to clean up a yarf.  Normally I spray most of my decorations with bitter apple but this year I didn't have any so he ingested some plastic pieces that he promptly threw up.  Yuck.  Still he's always cute snuggled under the tree, particularly when Stubs joins him.

We decided to do appetizers for Christmas eve while we watched movies, Christmas Story is a tradition that we have to watch the night before.

We all gathered around the coffee table with plates, wassail (hot traditional spiced adult beverage) and stomachs ready to be filled with cheeses, meats, hummus, veggies, bacon wrapped things, little smokies and chip dips.  Not your healthiest affair but it was delicious

Everyone gathered to watch the favorite movie.  Even Stubs in her prominent perch was enjoying the flick though we shooed her away from the feast...not good for little one's tummy.

Christmas day of course meant presents and then a family dinner of prime rib, glazed carrots, broccoli and risotto.

It was warm and happy our little gathering.

Even though Armani only ate his cat food he was sleeping like he'd drank a bunch of wassail.

Obviously I had a few glasses of wassail so had to get some kitty cat and me selfies....cheers!!

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