January 25, 2016

My Bestie's Wedding

My best friend Marie got married in January.  We headed to Houston, TX for the ceremony.  I was one of the bridesmaids along with her two sisters.  Before the big day we all went out to a nice dinner just us girls and many of Marie's friends in Houston.  Marie lives in Ankey, IA and her future husband was in Oklahoma for a while but they are both now ending up in Houston.

It was a hard thing to plan a wedding from another state but what a gorgeous wedding it was!  I cried many times even before the big day.  It makes me so happy to see my best friend so happy.  I really like Raja her husband. They are a perfect match!  So for the night out with the girls I was told to be more dressy.  I'm a jeans and tee shirt kinda gal so this was different.  I still had jeans but donned mud free cowboy boots and a cute top.  I did my hair in air dried beachy waves.

Marie was badass as always and though I know she was exhausted from little sleep and lots of preparations she had a  great time and I think was pleased to have long time friends there to celebrate her night.  Several drinks and good food with friends makes for a great evening!

The day of was pretty well organized.  Marie is not a picky person and was one of the most relaxed brides I've ever seen.  Her dress was gorgeous and she was stunning.

I had to bring Percy our traveling penguin along.  He was at Steve and I's wedding and was a hit with all our friends and family.  He wanted to at least come along and wish Marie well.

So here are Steve and I all gussied up for the wedding.  I'm wearing pearls!!!  Fake ones but still. I'm also wearing lace!!!!! Mandy, one of Marie's sisters had the idea we could do fuzzy wraps.  I wasn't sure about that but we all went with it and it turned out awesome.  It was like 1950's Hollywood glam!  Plus it was a weird chilly day in Houston and we were freezing so the warm wraps actually helped a little!

The next two pics are not mine, I think a family friend Sara took the one and Raja took the other.  I'm hoping I'll be able to show some cool professional pics once Marie gets those back, I know they are  going to be fantastic!

Look at the happy couple!

The wedding topper was perfect.  Marie has always loved elephants and it's awesome that her husband is an Indian man.  It's like fate or something.  She clicks really well with his culture and has already taken and plans to take more trips to India with him to see his family.  The rehearsal dinner had Marie dressed in traditional Indian attire and it was gorgeous.  The water works started there for me!

This is a glimpse of the reason I was gussied up....a fantastic occasion watching my bestie say vows with a wonderful man.  I'm looking forward to getting to know him better and seeing where their marriage takes them.  Cheers!

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Mrs Shoes said...

Hehehehh, I love that you wore your cowboy boots (with no mud, that's important for casual dress up)!
You & Steve looked great, but you looked AWESOME in that dress - work it Girl!