January 28, 2016

How we Faired with Jonas

It's been year's since I've dealt with a Noreaster.  The snow is different out here, it's icy and there isn't much you can do to remove the stuff.  Powder from Colorado is easier to deal with.  I was curious to see how this storm would be.  

  The day before the storm was warm and sunny.  The horses didn't know what was coming but they were soaking up the warmth none the less

I was hoping we wouldn't be without power since we don't have a generator yet.  I filled a barrel with water and kept that in the garage as a precaution in case we were out of power and needed water.  The horse troughs were filled to the brim and the water heater working well.  If we lost power and water iced over my plan was to boil water on the grill outside and then break the ice and add the hot water to the troughs, not perfect but would work in a pinch.

At least I only had to use the grill for making filet mignons.  A little snow won't prevent a girl from Colorado from grilling.

 It will be nice to get a generator at some point to not have to worry about what to do out here in the country.

The ponies had their blankets, Chance's was a little too small (didn't cover his bum) and didn't have any insulation so I used the 100 weight liner of Dani's with his top sheet.  We'll have to get him a new blanket with some insulation but at least this worked well enough for this storm. 

 I was mostly worried about keeping them dry since we were to receive some freezing rain before the snow.

When the snow did come the horses seemed to have a good time in it and loved racing around the pasture.  The frozen mud that is located in the wormhole area was gated off.  I didn't like that there were deep pock-holes in the mud and that they were a potential leg breaking hazard.  I hope to get a temporary solution going this week to make that area more safe.  More to come on that.

The humans also had a bit of fun in the snow a couple days later!


Mrs Shoes said...

Love that you are out BBQ'ing wearing a toque, a parka, & your pj bottoms!
Are you sure you're not a Canadian?

Christie Maszki said...

Nope not Canadian but a Coloradan. My first memories are in Colorado even though I was born in Connecticut...though I consider that I've never been to Connecticut. We certainly have different types of winter snow on the east coast though!