February 02, 2015

A Tale of Two Kitties

It came from above.  Dani didn't see it at first....but she knew it was there.  Stalking on the stall panels like a demon.  The mare was worried.  Should she fear for her life.....or her sanity?

The silver one appeared as if to say hello between the stall panel bars with it's cute little stripes and it's hazel eyes.  Awe yes, misdirection!!

The other one, with it's innocent looking copper eyes, attacked the human, clawing at her legs with the ferociousness of a butterfly.

Then the silver striped one approached the mare with a purr. "Oh, I guess you aren't so bad," said Dani in relief.  "Not at all beast of burden!  I shall free you from the ties that bind you," cried the mighty stripe one.

"Alas I only weigh 2 lbs, I cannot release you...I have failed in my mission..." the silver cat murmured in shame.

Their mission aborted the two kitties decided to rub on all of Dani's legs and play with her curtain of a tail.  This was all done while the human laughed out loud and took pictures; much to the chagrin of her red steed.

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