February 28, 2015

Braving the Cold to see Daenerys

The roads are much better today so Steve and I headed out to the barn to see Dani.  I figure'd she'd enjoy a roll in the snow with out her blanket and a good grooming.

Though there are feet of snow on the ground, the horses are looking their natural winter coats rapidly!

Steve enticed Dani with treats but we couldn't get her to trot about and I wasn't about to get the stick and string to make her move.  Still too many large drifts I didn't want an overly excited mare.

It was in the teens and Steve and I were bundled up in snow pants, gloves, hats and warm coats.  Dani was fine with and without her turn out blanket.  Her coat is always so pretty in the sun even if she needed a good grooming.

The next warm day that comes along I'll be trimming her fetlocks since this is the time of year she could more easily get scratches again.  I'll trim her and give her legs a good cleaning and apply some preventative on her problem areas.  So far so good, she only has a small spot on her front white leg.

The snow blows a lot out east so some areas were bare and others were halfway up her cannons.  Other areas were drifts I'm sure would come up above her knees even!

I didn't ride but it was good to play with her and groom her.  I still love that we arrived at the barn, got out of the car and a few moments later the littler red mare had recognized us and nickered softly.  I love my girl so much!  I think we are both ready for warmer weather!

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Kalin said...

Love the photos! She looks great, especially for this time of year! :)