February 26, 2015

Cold and Snow

Last weekend I spent most of my time indoors until I had to shovel snow.  I'd seen pony on Friday and she was prepped and ready for the snow.  There are benefits to boarding full care!

Our front porch mini spruce, Piney Pete, was loving the snow.  What a happy conifer!

Aside form a brief interlude on Tuesday and Wednesday morning, the week has been very snowy and cold.  February and March tend to be the snowy cold months in Colorado.  We'd had many days and weekends where temperatures ranged from the 50-70s with sunshine and fun.  We were spoiled.

Soon enough though the time change will occur and I'll have more opportunities to go out to the barn and actually do things with Dani.  Once the snowy weather passes we'll have a chance to get ready for some trail riding....aka trailer training.  I'm feeling antsy about my winter ending and the warmer weather coming.  Still....snow sure is pretty to watch falling outside my office window.

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Mrs. Shoes said...

Hi Christie,
I won your gorgeous keychain give-away (LOVE it) a while back.
Just wanted to let you know I'm still faithfully reading, and that I've stated a new blog which I hope you'll come visit. You'll see I've added you to my blogroll (please feel welcome to add 4Shoes Life to yours, if you like it that is!)