February 21, 2015


This weekend in Colorado there is supposed to be a large amount of snow.  The Emergency Operations Centers are on alert. Sadly I probably won't be able to see my pony this weekend.  I ran out after work on Friday to give her a hug and kiss.  I'm really missing her since last weekend with a pulled neck and snowy weather again reduced my pony time.

When I got out to the barn the skies were clearing from a flurry that had occurred that evening.  The sun was out and setting so it was actually pretty beautiful though cold.  Dani was looking good and cute in her blanket.  The barn owner was blanketing everyone in order to avoid having to chase horses around in the middle of blustery winds.

Beyjo is the arabian gelding that is now hanging out with Dani.  They like each other but the Arab tends to be bossy and mean about food.  Not sure if he is the boss horse but Dani steers clear of his heels at feeding time.  He's a cute little bay but very skittish.  His owners don't work with him that much.  I felt bad one day since he had a huge tornado knot in his silky black mane.  I got some of my Manely Long Hair product and worked it out for about 30 minutes.  Today I saw it's nice and silky.  This product is great!

Dani and Beyjo get fed last since the older mare, silky a cute palomino is 30 and needs enough time to get her food in her belly.  She is fed in the pen at the front of the pasture while Dani and Beyjo look sad and half starved.  She's just wasting away isn't she?

I gave her a few treats and just hung out with her while she watched N bring alfalfa to the chickens and no hay to her.  Eventually when Silky was pretty full Dani and Beyjo got their food.  

As the sun set and the wind picked up a little it was getting time to head home.  We should be getting the bulk of the storm between Saturday and Sunday.  Drat.  At least the time change is coming and I may be able to start getting riding in during the week after work.

As I left Dani was munching away at her hay and Silky was off by her hay tub near the run-in shed.  All ponies seemed content.  I'm glad Dani is here.  When I can't ride she still has lots of room to run and ponies to play with.  Still I await the day when she can be in my back yard. 

Here's hoping next weekend is more riding friendly! 

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