February 11, 2015

Ride Around the High School Running Path

I forgot my pony's pedicure appointment!!!  Luckily my farrier and my barn owner are awesome.  My farrier clipped Dani's hooves and M held her.  I was so thankful when I showed up later at the barn.  They were so great about it.  I always have things in my calendar for the pony!  My phone died the night before so I'm going to blame that I didn't get a reminder.

Well, aside form the crazy beginning of the day my ride with Dani went really well.  We are working on bridling a little since she's having some resistance issues.  I did something to upset her so now I"m having to rework our procedure and get Dani back to her happy content self.  It will take a little time and patience.

I decided today was the day to ride over to the school and go around that path.  Dani was alert and looking around but not nervous.  As we passed some run in sheds on the property next to the school she seemed a little nervous.  There was a big cattle truck parked there and a couple of horses.  I don't know if was nervousness or curiosity but I cued her to move on and she did.

As we got to the area of the path that was behind the school we passed a trailer park that had some fencing and a couple dogs that ran out after we passed and barked up a storm; luckily contained within their fencing.  One little start was all I got from Dani but I could feel her uncertainty so I stroked her neck and we kept moving.

She doesn't try to run or turn away from scary things which is good.  She will start in place, kind of a jumpy stop.  Sometimes she snorts at the object.  I hope to keep it this way; together it feels like we are gaining more confidence.

The next area we passed was the little cemetery.  I didn't take a picture and I need to, so pretty.  There were no issues there just some muddy spots we walked around.  Dani was not jiggy at all but she certainly walks faster when she's in a new area.  She's just more alert is all.

Afterwards we crossed the road again and headed back up the barn's driveway to our trailer.  I try to dismount in different areas so she doesn't get in the habit of stopping right at the trailer for me to dismount.

Dani had a small cut on her inner hind fetlock and then her front white fetlock had an area that looks like the starting of scratches.  I'll have to keep up on all her legs since the weather has been wet and then dry and then wet again.  She seems to be prone to scratches.  At the end of February I'll be trimming her fetlocks since the muddy season will most likely be in full swing by then.  As the weather warms and the footing is good we'll be getting back into trailer training I think!  I really want to get out and about this spring and summer with my girl.  I think she'd really excel with trail riding!

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