January 30, 2015

Muddy Muck and Slush

Last Sunday was a grand day with sunny skies, and barely a cloud.  The ground though, was an entirely different matter.  The ground was wet and muddy, very sloppy.  There was no place I felt safe riding her.  She slid a bit just with me leading her.  My thoughts were that extra weight could aggravate the slop conditions and make her more prone to pull something.

Instead we walked around the property.  I was in my winter boots, nice and warm and WATERPROOF.  I slid a bit but it was still a nice time to walk the path with her by my side.  Always good to work on ground manners.  She rarely goes back to her old ways of crowding or pulling ahead.  Still to remind her who the boss mare is I asked for simple hindquarter movements away and for some backing.

I also did a good grooming that included more mane treatment.  Her torn out spot is slowly growing in but not fast enough!  Again, I'm glad it's in a barely noticeable location.  We groomed on the southern side of the trailer, which made things more difficult.  My normal side of use, on the northern side is where the tack room door is located.  Today because of the melt off there was a 3 inch deep puddle by the door.  Even though I didn't ride I still feel that things were accomplished with the mare and of course, any day at the barn is better than any day away!!

When I walked Dani back to her pasture I passed Scotty and his miniature friend Prince.  I had to say hello on my way back and also go in the barn to see the baby kitties. So many critters to love on!

This coming weekend is calling for snow on Friday and Saturday.  Sunday should be warmer with no snow but I don't know how the footing will be.  I'm awaiting spring with great expectations!

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