September 19, 2014

Touch ups

While working with Steve on the electrical wiring there were times where I wasn't much assistance to him since it was a one person job.  I would then switch to other tasks while he clipped wires and made connections.

I caulked seams after the paint job not realizing that the caulk would turn yellow.  Even areas that didn't discolor as much attracted dirt like a magnet.  So I went about cleaning up the areas and then painting over the caulk.

Some of the drips of the Herliner handle work, even with painters tape, were fixed with paint as well.  It's tedious but the devil's in the details and I don't want this hard worked marred by something as simple as yellowing caulk!

I've covered all the caulking but am waiting for new tubes to arrive so I can caulk around the new fender and gravel guards.

Steve and I didn't have access to black rivets for the gravel guards so I've gone back over those with a shiny black paint.

It blends in very nicely!  Though I'm not all too happy having to retouch areas of the trailer I'm glad it's a simple fix and that the results have been good.  On we go.....

And a finishing touch for fun!!

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