September 22, 2014

Tack Room Completion

Between helping Steve with wiring I've finished the painting of the tack room.  Removing all the evil caulking was the worst!!!  The first layer of primer made this place look so much nicer!  The rust converter made the surface look worse than it actually was but it treats all the rust spots which is good but then that discolors the rest of the walls.  It does it's job and that's all that matters.

I just did one layer of primer since this is the inside, at $35 a gallon I'd like spare some paint where I actually can.  At least priming and painting the inside of the trailer means fewer bugs stuck in the paint!

After the primer I started on the gloss paint.  The first layer made it almost look done but I still went over all the corners and edges to make it perfect and cover areas you can see through at certain angles.

The saddle stand is simply a 4 x 4 bracketed into place and 25 inch long 4 x 4's for the actual saddle rack part.  I got an idea while searching online to add horseshoes at the end.  This will serve several purposes 1) it's cool looking, 2) I can hang stuff on them and 3) It will prevent saddles from sliding off the rack as I's hoping.  I'll post once I complete that final step but it's functional right now at least.  That hanging wire will be epoxied asap, we didn't have room in the piping to run through but will get it out of the way.

There is more customizing that I want to include in the tack room but that will come in time.  One idea is taking that little corner area and making several shelves with lips.  It would be great to store supplies in this little used area.  I'm still also considering about those corner water containers since that would also be useful for trails or camping.

I'd like to get a door hanging storage bag for grooming supplies etc....

A sweater hanger for closets could be hung on the front bar of the trailer inside for more storage as well...

I can probably figure out where to hang my blanket hanger and my mucking tools as well.  Lots of ideas, I'll just have to see what I will store in there and how I want it organized.

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Terry said...

Wow, it's looking great!