September 08, 2014

Minor Colic Episode

Friday I had another scare with Dani.  N called and stated she wasn't acting herself and didn't want her supplement that she normally gobbles.  She was also shivering pretty badly.  We'd had a low pressure system come through and it'd been drizzling all day.  I raced out with my horse blankets.  I hadn't brought them out yet since it was still summer time.

When I got to the barn M and N were standing with Dani and she was perky at least.  She'd been feeling a bit better they said.  I spent that evening walking her for about an hour.  Sometimes I heard the gas bubbles moving in her just standing next to her.  She would grunt as it moved....I know that feeling!  We kept walking and she became more and more herself, pushy even.

I put her grazing muzzle back on and then set her in the pasture to observe for a bit.  I must of sat for another 45 minutes.  She didn't roll or anything like that but just stood in one area.  I was waiting for a poop.  Finally she just laid down sternally and that worried me so I went out to check her while talking with a vet who didn't sound too worried.  Dani got up, the other horses came nearby and she started bossing them around.  Much more herself and then took a nice poop.

I felt much better heading home as she was being herself again.  N said she would keep a close eye on her and by the next morning there were no more worries.  I was relieved and hoping that she'd continue to be okay.  Over the weekend she continued to be fine.  Phew!

I wonder how many times horses have a mild tummy ache like this and we humans don't see them when it happens.  With this little episode it was only a couple hours of discomfort with no rolling, what if something like this has happened when I'm at work?  Guess it's fine when it's minor stuff like this.  I'm glad that N watches her boarded horses like a hawk!


Terry said...

So glad this turned out okay. Colic sure is scary.

TheHorseNextdoor said...

That sounds like a scare. Glad it turned out ok though!