September 29, 2014

Ride around the Property

I went out Thursday to the barn, I wanted to only staple gun a cushion to the saddle rack...will take a picture of the complete saddle rack asap.  My main purpose was to go for a ride on my pony.  I groomed Dani and got her all tacked up.  M wanted to ride too so we waited for her to grab Scotty her Morgan gelding.  I'd been wanting to ride with her for a while so it was nice.

Since it had been a while since I'd ridden Dani I didn't want to venture across the road to the loud and scary high school so I suggested we just ride around the perimeter of the property.  The area was almost wide enough for two horses but my mare wasn't liking being so close to Scotty.  I reprimanded her but had to work on rating her since she wanted to be up front.  Not a shocker for sure but she needs to ride at all positions for a trail ride.  It was really nice to chat with M.  She asked me all sorts of questions about what hobbies I had besides horses.  I tried to ask her a view things to, she's really nice and will be a great partner to ride with.  We plan on driving to Homestead Park nearby, I just need to get some trail loading session in on Dani first and also see how she is riding at the school.

So this was a semi trail ride, soon we'll have a real one I hope!  I'm starting to tie Dani up to the trailer to groom and tack up.  That should help a little with positive associations near the trailer.  I want so badly to have trailering become a much smaller issue.  Think positive thoughts!

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Terry said...

Baby steps on the trailering, and all will be well.