September 24, 2014

Quick Hello

Steve and moved the trailer to the barn this past weekend.  I still have a couple things to do in the tack room but it's functional and I'm beginning to organize my supplies in the tack room.  On Tuesday I painted one more coat on the saddle stand and tried to epoxy the wiring to the ceiling.  The epoxy was a pain and the tape I used to hold the wire tore off the paint in some places.  So mad!!!  I'm just going to dot super glue in some areas to hold the wire.  Eventually it will be covered by some sort of strip light.

I hauled way out into the pasture to say hi to Dani, she already had her muzzle on and was grazing with pony friends.  When I was almost at her she walked up to me, the last 10 feet.  Ugh! I loved on her and talked with her for a bit, she's so cute.  When I started walking back though she decided to follow me.  She walked me all the way back to the gate.  I felt bad since I wasn't taking her out, feeding her or anything of that nature.  I ran back to barn and grabbed a little peppermint treat and came back to give her that in thanks for walking me to the gate.  

We'll go for a ride on Thursday, the only thing I have to do in the trailer is staple gun something so I can use the saddle racks for my saddles.  I need some pony time and I think my girl does too.  As day light is dwindling I hope to get some more rides in but I also have a deadline to finish painting the inside of trailer since I can't do that when it get cold, the products won't work.  Busy busy!

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Terry said...

Love the eye photo.