September 12, 2014

"I Rewired it!"

Famous last words of Tim the ToolMan Taylor from Home Improvement....circa 1991-1999.

My hubby used to do this work on Helicopters, I'm so lucky he has the time to do this!  I was looking at $200-400 at a professional shop and they may not have done it they way we would like...aka the correct way.

We don't want the removal or failure of the running/clearance lights to affect the brake lights.  The old wiring caused issues when we removed all those lights to replace with new ones, the brakes didn't work correctly!  The wiring was ran around the whole trailer to each light and spliced in versus having each system on it's own circuit and connected to the main plug.

Steve ran the connector for the truck into a junction box where he can more easily run wires to the appropriate location.  If an electrical issue occurs with brake lights for example and the wire needs to be fixed we'll know the color of said wire and where in the junction box to disconnect it to rerun wire.  Hopefully we won't have future issues for a long time.

Steve started with the brakes.  The brake lines are supposed to be blue on the wiring diagrams.  So we went with that and then the white is the ground wire for the entire trailer.  

Black is the main power that then runs charge to the brown and green wires of the brakes and signal lights.  The red wire is for the running or clearance lights.

Some sections we had issues running the wire through the piping but we eventually go it through and on the outside where the break lights connect we used a nice sheath to protect as much exposed wire as possible.

After the brakes and lights were wired, Steve started on the running/clearance lights.  He riveted all the lights in and then easily attached them to the red wire.

An area in the tack room and in the very back of the trailer will have wire running along the outside of the piping since with all the wires in the pipe there was no way to thread it through.  Steve thinks we can just epoxy it in place. Its doable and will be out of reach from nibbling ponies.

So glad this is finally all done!  Yippeee!   Just have interior painting to finish but glad my trailer is back in a usable state


Terry said...

Wow! I'm impressed! Is there anything you two can't do? I don't think so!

Christie Maszki said...

Awe! Thanks! We try but are seriously are tired of this project. Glad the big stuff is done and hoping I can get some hauls in this fall and through the warmer winter months. Need to get my mare chill about that!