January 29, 2014

Trailer mats

Last weekend Steve and I worked on the tack room again.  All odd nails and screws have been removed and so has the saddle stand.  We cut up two mats I already had purchased a while back.  They need some cleaning so when it's warmer I'll get those out and scrub them and hang them to dry.

The size and width of the mats meant we had two large sections and two smaller.  I'm fine with that.  They are heavy.  The large sections will still be a workout to remove but they are movable by myself.  We'll still get about a half inch thick wood to put on the whole floor to make the floor flush with the door lip and therefore allowing me to sweep directly out of the tack room rather than having to use a dust pan.

I worked on some of the caulking, scraping it off.  I'll need to get my mask and eye protection for the sanding of the rusty spots but it's nice to see the tack room revamp moving forward!

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