January 20, 2014

The Tail End

I noticed Daenery's tail was touching the ground again.  Very happy it grows so nicely.  Her mane doesn't as much but stays thick and long.  I've compared pictures of her to last year when her tail was shorter.  I didn't realize how much it's grown!  Love it!

This picture below is from I think November of 2012.  Somewhere around then.  Dani's tail was about mid-way down her cannon bone.  It's easily 8 or more inches longer now and I've trimmed it once already!

I trimmed a few inches off her tail today.  I really don't want her accidentally stepping on it and pulling out hairs (ouch!).  I love combing through her tail and making it nice and silky.  She has some gorgeous locks!!  Please ignore the ridiculous fuzzy fetlocks...it is winter after all!

Steve and I did some more work to the trailer.  All odd screws are out of the trailer and we got the saddle stand out too.  Opens up the trailer really nicely.  I'll have to figure out where the new saddle racks will go but they will be directly on the wall rather than jutting out into the space of the tack room.  We ripped up the ugly carpet and the boards look nice under it.  Next step is to cut my rubber mats to fit.  I may even think about laying another layer of wood (removable) over the floor and then lay the mats on that.  There is a several inch lip at the door and if I can get the floor flush with that lip it will make sweeping that much easier!

Now will begin the scrapping of chalk and sanding of the walls in preparation for Corroseal and then paint!  Maybe next weekend Steve and I will go to a trailer store to figure out the wiring.  He wants to get that done asap.  He feels more comfortable having everything electric completely replaced.  He wants to make sure his little wife is safe.  Awe....

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