January 23, 2014

Must Ride More...

Dani is a good horse, even when it's been weeks since I've been in the saddle.  She's a horse you can just get on and ride.  It's hard when I can only ride on the weekends right now and of course I have other responsibilities too.  It's not an excuse I know.  I hopped up on Dani this Sunday for a short ride.  I wasn't feeling good all day so didn't get out until pretty late so probably only rode for 20 minutes before the sun set and it started getting windy and cold.

She did better about mounting, I didn't so much but I think when I wear jeans I just don't have the flexibility I do when I wear my breeches.  Stretchy fabric is the best!  My next riding purchase will be jean breeches...the best of both worlds.  I rode Dani through the noodles, over the little bridge and into the dry water puddle.  She's a good girl, she remembered all that stuff.  We walked up and down the hill and then out and around the grounds.  

Then I walked to the gate and opened it from her back.  She was so funny trying to nudge it with her nose...but in a trail competition that's a no-no, personally I don't mind it if she isn't barging ahead and banging my knees.  I opened the gate and walked us through then closed it back up.  I haven't gotten it down to the point of being able to keep my hand on the gate the whole time, which is the proper way, but being uncoordinated that I am I am very happy to be able to open it at all and keep Dani slow and responsive.

We just kept at the walk today but I'll try to be better about riding more on the weekends, even short rides.  She needs more work with standing for grooming and not being so fussy and I know the more I do that the better she'll get.

Sometimes it's hard to even think about setting up my light system to even do groundwork.  It's cold and lately my hubby has actually been home!!!  This weekend is supposed to be really nice so I plan on getting some pony time in but we'll also head to Denver for some aquarium and beer brewing errands I think.  Perhaps I'll scrape some caulk out of the trailer tack room too but the priority will be to get a ride in.  Or two.....one at least....let's not set ourselves up to fail!

Get in the saddle peeps!  On the count of 3......one, two.............THREE!!!!  Weeeeeeee!!!!

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