January 27, 2014

Show Me Your Barn Blog Hop

Occasionally I see surveys and such on other horse blogs that make their way around to a lot of the blogs.  This one was simple enough and since I don't have too much exciting stuff going on with training Dani I figured I'll post this...why not!

1) A view of the barn
It's just a shed row with about 6 stalls, each having a nice storage area behind. Electricity, water, lights are all there. You have to provide the feeders and water troughs and do all the care yourself. I love it being closer to my home and I enjoy being the one to care for Dani every day. Nothing like hearing that low throaty nicker when I arrive each day! I'm the "Hay Girl!"

2) Your horse's living space
Dani lives in a run. Unfortunately there are no horses right next to her. I think that would be nicer to have a friend right there but she sees the other horses up and down the hill.

The common pasture area can be secured for roaming but since there are trailers, hay stacks and equipment stored in this area I don't let her go unattended.  Plus this is where the fun obstacles are located so often people are out utilizing this area on the weekends.  Dani gets to go to the fence lines and say hello to other horse residents and neighbors to the south.

3) The tack room
 Behind Dani's run I have room to store hay and tack.  We've set up a saddle stand I had and then installed another on the boards.  There is a shelf for all the my grooming supplies and plenty of space to place my muck tools.  It's my own space and I try to keep it as organized as I can.

4) View of where you ride
Lately I ride in the arena closed to Dani's barn. It's big, it's sandy and convenient. We'll ride around the grounds sometimes too, near the fence that borders the road, around the round pen etc. Soon I hope I'll be able to post pictures of trail rides!

5) Your favorite feature of your facility
I love the obstacles placed in the area. It's great to work Dani on those and not have to set up a lot of stuff. There is a shed in the middle of the picture off to the other side of the arenas that also has more obstacles like poles for pole bending, cones, and jumps. 

Another thing I like is having the place to myself most of the time! There are maybe a couple people riding on the weekends but for the most part I'm not in anyones way and they aren't in mine. Saturday evenings during the summer the Gymkanas are busy but that's not until about 4pm.

Only downside is the amount of turn out Dani can receive. It's a shared space so she can't be on pasture 24/7. At least her run is roomy and I let her out into the shared space as often as I can. I've been very happy at Kit Carson Riding Club. At first I was hesitant because of the lack of pasture board but Dani is doing well. 

I'm still on the look out for other places and always up for the idea of trying to get our house sold and buy some land....we'll see, maybe that will happen this year.

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Thanks for sharing your barn!