January 12, 2014

Serene Sunday: Stubs and Armani....

The kitty is doing very well I am happy to report.  She has full run of the house now and though she trots off still when we walk to fast towards her she isn't really hiding.  She is tolerating the dogs and learning that ignoring them and standing her ground works best.

She and my other cat Armani get along so wonderfully.  He simply adores her.  One time when Spencer, my Jack Russel, first met her on accident (didn't know she'd jumped the baby gate!) and got her pinned under the couch Armani leaped to her rescue.  He jumped on my dog with claws out, hissing and fur all poofy.  Oh my goodness!  I never have seen a cat defend another like that!  

Now Stubs and Spencer sniff each other and she also goes well with Loki but he's just a tad more intimidating being so much bigger.  All in all things have gone so much better than I could have asked for and I think she's really enjoying being spoiled rotten!!!

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