August 06, 2013

My Brother's Baby Meets My Baby

Dear Bryson,
When you were just 8 months old, you met a pony for the first time!  You didn't know what to think at first.  She was the biggest "dog" you'd ever seen!!
She lipped your daddy's pocket looking for treats....and sniffed your feet to figure out just what you were!

But then she just fell asleep in the afternoon sun while you and your dad tried to figure out what to make of this big red animal.  It was a new thing for both of you!

Face to face you looked at each other, right in the eyes.   You gained courage looking into her gentle doe eyes and she felt calm seeing your big contented smile.

You said hello and Dani sniffed you...she thought you were pretty neat.  She'd never seen such a small bipedal creature before!
Everyone was happy to meet Dani and you couldn't keep your eyes off her.  You were ready for your own saddle, boots and riding helmet!!
Since you were still small though, Mom and Dan held you tight and let you sit on her broad back.  Dani liked having you up there and stood quietly like a good girl.  Aunt Christie praised her for keeping her nephew's safety in mind.

Even with the tight grip your parents had on still moved around to figure out what this "thing" was that you were sitting on.  It wasn't a chair, a car seat or a sofa.  It was a real live pony!  How much fun!

One day, you'll come out to Colorado again and ride with Aunt Christie.  I'm sure you will love it and Dani will too! 
I love you Bryson!!
(thanks Mom for taking the pictures!!)


Kalin said...

Precious!! We have a little 9 month old in the house-foster child-and she LOVES the horses. :)

Christie Maszkiewicz said...

Kids and horses just work. Someday I'd love to take him on a trail ride, how much fun would that be!!!