August 01, 2013

Jolly Stall Snack

My original location for the Jolly Stall Snack was not very good.  Since Dani could press it up against the railing she made quite the mess and it lasted only one night.  At least she enjoyed it!

The next location was dangled from the rafters so it was about rear end height for Dani.  She never paid it much attention and I kept ramming my head on it when I would muck the stall.  Ouch!

So I just moved it so the "apple" is between the railings and at a decent height.  It seems to be her preference.  We'll have to see how long this thing lasts now and I'll have to compare how she likes the different flavors.  The first was peppermint, this one is apple.

I want to get some more toys, though she doesn't seem to interested in her jolly ball.  Perhaps this would be a good friend?  Still debating a goat but really just want to get a second horse she can hang with.....

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