August 05, 2013

Feeling Noodly

It's always something with horses, that's what makes them fun and interesting.  Daenerys doesn't like the cowboy curtain or noodly horse eating death machine.  I've been working her from the ground and she would stand there with just her head in the noodles, bopping her in the breeze.

She planted her feet and won't move forward but I made sure she kept staring into the noodles.  Then I backed her up and did several changes of directions releasing the pressure when she was near the noodles.  Very much like trailer training!

Finally I decided that reducing the amount of noodles would help.  It did!  We had success.  Every few passes we made walking through the noodles I released a few more noodles.  We'll keep on until the curtain is fully noodly.  After I feel she is going in and out of the noodles consistently we'll try while under saddle.

The other obstacle I've worked on Dani with is the water puddle.  The club has a box set up that can be filled with a few inches of water.  Dani is going through that no problem, even under saddle.  Also after many of the rain storms we've had lately I've worked her in the muddy puddles around the grounds.  Much improved over the puddle issue she had at Whispering Winds!  LOL.  The more desensitizing I can do with her the better.  She will be a stellar trail horse someday I know it!


L.Williams said...

ooo scary!

Kalin said...

The noodles is a super smart idea!! I know that when I go out on trails, we tend to have to go through tons of limbs, bushes and etc that could spook a horse, especially if they spook at the noodles, and it's nice to not worry about it. ;))