August 15, 2013

A River Runs Through It

We have been getting rain!  The so-called Monsoon season has been in effect for a while now.  Water restrictions this summer have been hard on my yard, I only have a small patch of grass mostly shaded so that has helped but the recent rains have done wonders.  In Colorado it seems either you don't get enough rain or you get too much.  Oh well, what can you do?

I headed out to care for Dani and got caught in a torrent of rain and hail.  The Kit Carson grounds were composed of mud and several meandering streams.  Both arenas got completely soaked.  Dani's stall was a mess too.  I waited in my car with my two dogs waiting out the storm.

One good thing with all these storms is the pretty rainbows that you are guaranteed to view after they pass.  Look!  The clubhouse is at the end of the rainbow!! 

Needless to say I didn't ride today, spent too long in the car and then had to muck out the stall.  That task was a little difficult because a lot of the exposed manure gets obliterated and ground into the sand when it rains like that.  What a yucky mess! 

 Dani enjoyed a graze as I did my chores.  The ground is not that absorbent here and with all the rain we've received it's pretty well saturated.  It's nice to be feeling better and able to chill outside with my girl.  This weekend we have some club events going on but I should get out to ride and do some work with her.  Also have a hay post I'll have to write soon. Hope everyone and their ponies are doing well!

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lytha said...

that last pic is awesome - do you see the little rainbow?