March 11, 2013

Top O' The Morning To Ya!

Steve and I went out to the barn on Sunday to get a few shots for Julie Goodnight's Facebook page.  She's suggested that for the month of March people should post a picture for each week.  The first is your horses home, then your horse with something green, then you feeding your horse and lastly you with your horse and a sign greeting Julie.  I figured this would be fun so why not?

These photos are my attempt at the something green pictures.  Dani already has her green halter so I just added to the St. Patrick's Day theme with Mardi Gras beads and shamrock deely-bobbers.  At first sight Dani started upon viewing the glittery beads but then just ignored them and tried to graze.  We got the beads over her head and then the deely-bobbers on, my mare is so tolerant of me.  It was windy and cold today, VERY COLD!  So while my hubby held her I took some shots quickly with my camera.  Rushing and freezing did not allow for a really good photo shoot.

I failed to notice that my camera's white balance was set to Tungsten and since I wasn't shooting in RAW this presented some issues when I tried to correct the photos to make my mare look her usual red and not have the greenish hue over her coat.  It was difficult since I haven't done much photo editing in forever so I struggled and finally accepted that this will have to do.

At least I got a couple cute shots and Dani was mostly cooperative.  Steve doesn't really know how to make her stand so it was hard to get the cleaner background I desired, while she was moving she crept over to the left so the trailer and barn equipment showed up behind her.  The picture below is an unedited version.  You can see how the tone is very cool with blues and greens and it's on the darker side.  Taking pictures in a rush and in the driving cold wind is not the best situation for a photo shoot.  Hopefully the first pic with suffice and Julie will get a kick out of it, at least I get a kick out of it!  Steve and I liked it the best but I think larger deely-bobbers would have stood out more on my mare's head.  These are my personal ones; I need horse sized ones for Dani (note to self).

I also created a cute little frame to set in my office at work, I don't have a picture of Dani at work and it's been 5 months!  Bad pony mom!  Now I'm all set and can place this picture of my girl in an honorable location.

This weekend is St. Patrick's!  I used to love the parades growing up in D.C. with Clydesdales and lots of other horses.  The parade down in Colorado Springs is usually not the greatest, it seems to mainly be advertisements for local businesses.  One of these days I'll head to Denver and see their parade since I heard it's pretty good.  The club I'm looking into joining (more on that soon!), the Kit Carson Riding Club, will be in the parade at least but I have friends coming in town so we might not make it to the parade.

One year I totally decked out my Jack Russel in St. Patrick's attire.  He was so cute he ended up on KRDO's news clip about the parade!  That was in 2007!!  Perhaps someday Dani can be a hit at the parade!  But for now I'll just embarrass her at home and then post the pictures here and on Facebook!  LOL.

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