March 12, 2013

The Pinnacle

Guess what arrived in the mail today!  The Dublin Pinnacle boots.  I tried these boots, one size smaller than my regular size about two weeks ago and had to send them back.  The size difference was based on reviews saying they ran big.  Alas size 6 was too small.  I received the 6.5 today and they fit!!!  My jeans are too bulky under the boot so I'll have to start wearing my breeches again...and I want to get those cute jean styled breeches....but since I bought these boots and have springs shots coming up I can't spend the cash just yet.

First thing I thought when I took this picture, "boots
with the fur..."  LOL
I like them so far!  We'll have to see how they are riding but they feel pretty nice.  They aren't as close fitting in the foot part as my Ariat paddock boots but they don't feel loose.  Now that I have these I'm going to bring my boots into a shoe fixer and see about getting new eyelets put in the boots.  My Ariats are still usable and I want a backup shoe.  I wonder if they can re-dye my Ariats to a black color???  Perhaps I'm getting in too deep with that thought, re-dying could cost more than buying brand new Ariats!  I just want the eyelets to fixed.

So above you can see that my regular jeans are pretty bunchy with these boots.  I have four pairs of breeches, three are regular weight and then I have the black winter weight ones.  Honestly I know I'll be getting winter boots for next year, I had way too many days with frozen toes this winter so I'll be investing in winter boots. 

Now with these new boot I need some fashion help. Until I get slim jean breeches I only have my current breeches to contend with.  What will look okay with these awesome boots?  My brown breeches I know go pretty well with these boots.  What about the light purple breeches?  Do these look okay with these new brown boots?  Could I dye these purple breeches?  Why the heck did I get purple anyways????!!!!

What about the gray breeches below?  Will these just look silly with brown boots?  Do you think I could dye these breeches?  If so what color?  I was thinking a green would work and with the gray color that is already on the breeches it might end up a nice hunter green?  Or I could try to make them brown as well, or maybe blue like denim?  The black breeches?  Perhaps they look okay with these new boots, but those are my heavy breeches with fleece lining; since spring is just around the corner I'm not as concerned with these pants.  I might have the bunching issue with the thicker breeches like I have with my jeans.

Please help!!!!  I have no fashion sense aside from having the keen eye to buy these gorgeous boots!  LOL.


Cindy D. said...

OMG I love those boots!

Happy Pony said...

Nice boots! I wear my black breeches with my brown boots - so daring, I know ;) I bet the grey and brown will look really nice too.

Kalin ♥ said...

I think they'd look fine with the grey breeches, although I am a strict Western rider and wear jeans and t-shirts...Hahaha! But I do love the hunter green breeches. :)

Kalin ♥ said...

Oh, and that above comment is from me, Kalin from