March 30, 2013


We did a small photo shoot to get a picture of us with a sign greeting Julie Goodnight.  I went a little silly with the whole Easter theme but Dani was a good girl, though it was clear what some of her thoughts were! 
From the mind of Dani:
Yippee Mom and Dad are here to play.  What?  Wait what are those fuzzy things?  You're putting them on my head??  As if the shamrock deely-bobbers weren't bad enough!  Okay humans take the picture, I look better in these silly things than either of you would!!  Let's get this over with!
Mom just let me eat the dried grass bits that you're standing keep making me stand still and face Dad shooting that little silver box at me.  I want to watch the tractor to my left and enjoy the dogs chasing each other to my right near the round pen.
Oh geeze, him too!!  Why must you pose me like a piece of art? I just want to eat, sleep and play.  Come on!  This is getting very boring....
Okay darn it!  You aren't doing this right and this is taking WAY too long!!  Give me that sign!
This is how you do it, Pony Style!!!

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Kalin ♥ said...

You should so post the last one! LOVE!