March 23, 2013

Dublin Pinnacle Boot Review

The Dublin Pinnacle Boots were just the style I was looking for.  I'm moving away from really liking the proper English attire mainly because I don't show and I'm a more casual person.  I just want to trail ride and have fun even if I do my riding in a Dressage saddle.  I will have an Aussie or Western soon enough.  This boot seems to sit in the middle just like me and I've seen great reviews.  I think it works for English or Western riders.  Most reviews stated that they run large and most viewers recommended half a size smaller to a full size smaller for better fit.

I originally purchased the size 6.  That didn't work since I couldn't even get my foot into the heel without fear I would damage the boot.  I sent it back and received the 6.5.  These are U.S. sizes, UK I think a 6.5 is UK 4.  My foot fit in fine with a little wiggling and the actual foot part was roomy.  I could put a gel insole in there easily and not cramp my foot.  I don't feel like I was swimming in them but for some people who really like the tight fit of paddock boots or tall show boots, this boot is looser so I would caution you.  I was worried I like the fit and now after walking around in them I feel like I'm in slippers!!  So comfy without feeling like they aren't secure.

The boots come with an inflatable boot tree, I think that's what it is called.  This keep the boot's shape when not being worn.  The leather is soft yet firm and the whole boot feels of good quality all the way from the sole to the stitching this feels like a well made boot.  The lacing is a regular shoe lace type and I'm sure it ever broke it could be replaced easily.  The boot is easily tighten with the lacing and makes for a cute design.  I could tighten the lower part of my boot for a closer fit but I like the looser feel, and like I said the boot feels secure on my feet.

The only problem I have with the boot is the closure.  The Velcro is good and sturdy but I think the strap should have had the hooks and the boot part of the Velcro should be the loops.  It's the other way around and since my strap does not fully  tighten I have some of the hooks exposed while wearing these boots.  Sometimes a dangling lead rope catches on the Velcro.  I have a simple solution, I'll get some Velcro and matching fabric and make a little patch for this area but either the strap should be long enough for the full width of the boot and close or switch the Velcro around.  Otherwise I have not had any issues with the boot.

The tread is very nice as well.  It gives a good grip to the stirrup and walking on cement barn isles I don't feel like I'll slip at all.  The sole is thick enough to protect your feet and you don't feel every pebble on the ground.  The heel is also made for riding and the width is narrow enough for safe stirrup use.  Easy to put your heels down too I might add!

 I felt that the inside panel gives a grippy feel in the saddle and I felt very comfortable riding in this boot and keeping my leg position where it should be.  The inner layer is thick and sturdy, I think it would protect well in saddles that have even more material under the leg than a dressage saddle usually has.

And lastly, my boots do look decent with the gray breeches!  They are very comfy to walk around in and I'm now back to wearing my breeches full time.  I still want the jean look breeches since my regular riding jeans were too bulky to fit into these boots.  My winter breeches should work with these boots but beyond that I don't think the boots are wide enough for thicker fabrics.  Breeches and tights will work best, skinny jeans and jean breeches would also work.  I think they are well worth the $174 I paid considering also that the Ariat Paddock boots I was looking at are anywhere from $120-$140.  Caring for the boot entails wiping them off and then I think regular leather care products will work nicely.  I have to do some research on that to make sure I maintain these nice boots correctly!
Hope this review helps!  Happy riding!


Mare(+Missy) said...

This was VERY helpful! Thanks so much for writing this!

Camryn said...

They do look awesome with your grey breeches. Great review too. Like I mentioned before I have the Dublin River boots and love them. They are roomy enough that I can tuck my boot leg jeans in easily.

lytha said...

i love your boots! thanks for the thorough review. they are just gorgeous.