March 09, 2013

Impending Snow....

I went to visit Dani on Thursday.  I didn't groom her or anything, I just hung out with her as she ate.  I played with her mane and ran my hands down her legs.  That was the extent of my being a horse mom.

The outdoor arena is saturated with water and half melted snow and we are expecting a blizzard this weekend too so it will only get worse.  Hopefully soon with the daylight savings time change the arena will eventually be available for use in the evenings again.  I'm so excited!!!

When I can to visit Dani she was eating hay with Rock.  Someone had done rocks scant mane up in little "nubbins".  He looked so cute! 
Anyhow there is nothing better than the sound of content horses munching on hay and snorting.  I love it!  I rest my head on Dani's back as she ate and scratched her chest.  I love her.

Today I went out to get in a short ride before the blizzard descended.  I knew I wouldn't see Dani on Saturday because either I would be in Denver for the Rocky Mountain Horse Expo or I would be stuck in my house because the roads were bad and I wouldn't be traveling.  We'll have to see.  It's 11:30pm as I write this and nothing has started just yet but I'm farther south than the main area of impact.
Anyhow, I rode Dani again at the walk in the indoor.  She was good for mounting but walked off once I was aboard.  Still work to do but I have to remember that Willy would walk off right as I was trying to mount so she's at least not doing that.  We did some work on stops and spiraling.  Nothing is perfect yet but we'll keep working at it.  I really want to get some more lessons with Laurie but I have $200 I want to pay off for a Bill Me Later thing on PayPal and then build up a little more savings before I can justify buying the lessons.  This is of course after having to replace shocks on my car in addition to the usual monthly cost of keeping Dani happy! Spring shots are coming up so I need to think of those as well!  I plan on totaling my yearly expenses come the one year anniversary of horse ownership just for others to understand real expenses.
Dani was doing really well with halts at the end of the ride, I barely had to use the reins.  I was so proud.  A couple times during the ride she was distracted.  The mare that bosses her around, Jonie I think, left the arena, and Dani neighed a few times in distress.  I'm still working on being her main "lead mare".  I directed her into a tighter spiral and then worked on disengaging her hindquarters.  Another thing that occurred was the Bobcat outside was making some noises outside the "garage style" door to the arena and I noticed Dani sort of spooked at the sounds.  I made her circle near the area that was scary. 
On a side note I just have to say, the two other riders that were in the arena with me were both riding bareback....walk, trot and canter and I was thoroughly impressed!!  Perhaps someday I'll be there, perhaps not but wow!  I wish that I had stayed riding very regularly all through my college years, it's hard starting up again that's for sure.  My biggest advice to young riders, STAY WITH IT!!!  Even if you just lease a horse and ride once a week, keep going and keeping with the riding.  Being away, you lose that secure feeling in yourself and have to back track and that can take a long time!  I unfortunately had other priorities in college and I really regret that.
Anyways, back to the precious present, all in all Dani and I had a good ride, still at the walk but I want to feel really confident with her before moving on.  I feel I'm still getting used to her and still getting her used to the cues I use so taking it slow is fine.  Anyhow, she was really cute while grooming her, turning her head to look at me in that Dani way.  It's a curious look and I can't understand what she is thinking.  Perhaps I take too long to groom her?  LOL.  I bundled her up in her layered blanket and even put her hood on since the wind and wet snow could be chilling.  When it's snowy out, the stalled horses are usually outside in their runs and caked with snow.  Their necks all the way to their ears are crusted with frozen snow and ice.  It's interesting because they can easily hang out in the stall but choose to be in the open cold air.  I think worrying about our equine babies is a human thing, they seem to relish the cold and outdoors. 
So, hopefully I can go to the expo tomorrow but I'm not going to risk dealing with all the crazy drivers on the road if I don't have to.  Bummer though if I have to stay home; but I have plenty of things I can to get done and there are other horse events coming this summer.
 Stay warm and have happy rides, hopefully where ever my riders reside, they have nice weather and can get some horse time this weekend!


lytha said...

when i imagine dani turning her head to look at you when you groom her, i imagine she's thinking, "you're different. you care more."

she's a smart one. i would love to have a mare someday.

advice to old riders is also, "keep with it" cuz right now, the only horses i ride, are test rides for sale horses, and that is not enough. but i'm not able to find an alternative, so it makes my search that much more urgent.

i read once that horses are way better at dealing with cold than heat, and i think you proved it in this post.

i thought of you when i heard of the snowstorm in colorado on the news. i try to keep in touch with american news.

Christie Maszkiewicz said...

I hope you find a good horse soon, I'm sure it's frustrating. How's Bellis doing?