December 09, 2015

Sub-dermal Hematoma You Say?

Star Trek-Quote
McCoy: Fundascopic examination is unrevealing in these cases!

Doctor #1: A simple evacuation of the epidural hematoma will relieve the pressure!

McCoy: My God man, drilling holes in his head is not the answer! The artery must be repaired! Now, put away your butcher's knives and let me save this patient before it's too late!

Okay, in all seriousness I had a little worry this morning.  Both ponies were set to have their hooves trimmed this morning.  All feet were looking good and I'm very happy with the farrier I'm using.  As she was trimming Chance though I noticed a swelling on his chest.  We both took a look at it and the swelling was very warm.

She mentioned it could be pigeon fever, I know maybe a little about.  After she left I took his was normal.  He was eating and drinking so I left him in the stall to keep him away from Dani for the time being.  I went inside and grabbed my veterinary reference.  By the look of it the swelling seemed like it could be a hematoma but no way for me to really rule out pigeon fever except by location in the country.

I figured it's best to get the vet out and make sure there isn't anything serious or contagious going on.  Flat River Veterinary Services came out and checked my boys swelling.  He confirmed it was just a hematoma probably from a kick to the chest and the fluids were all collecting down between his legs via gravity.  He gave me some bute and told me to keep an eye on it.  He also recommended a scrub for when it's warmer the next couple of days to work on the itchy bumps that Chance has on his neck and chest.  I've been putting MTG on this area for a few days and he said to continue that regime as well, hence the reason his coat is greasy in that spot in the pictures.

Phew!  I'm glad there isn't a big issue but I need to watch the horses and see if it's just a horse thing or if Dani is trying to beat up on him more for some reason.  Usually they hang out together and graze near each other.  Sure she tells him to move a lot but that is what boss mares do.  I've only once seen her act slightly more aggressive but nothing worrisome where I would have to separate them.  I'll just make sure there aren't areas that could cause an issue with him being cornered either.  I have a suspicion that near the run-in shed there may be some fences that need re-routing to prevent just such an issue.

Hope all of your horses are healthy and happy!


Mare said...

Missy once had a giant one on her right hip from getting kicked. Took a few weeks to go down but it did. I've heard of vets draining them but really that's pretty unnecessary and just increasing risk if infection. They get reabsorbed.

PS love the Trek reference. One of my favorite original series movies:)

Christie Maszki said...

LOL. Awesome! Glad to "meet" another Trekkie geek. I think I remember you mentioning something about that. I just freaked when I saw him today since it was huge and hot! We are gonna have to watch the dynamic of the ponies and make sure Dani isn't being too mean. Glad to see you are blogging again, will be awesome to live the veterinary path through you...something I wanted to do when I started school but one summer in a clinic I knew I couldn't deal with it, wasn't for me. Good luck, you'll do awesome!

lytha said...

Spock: They like you very much, but they are not the hell "your" whales.

Dr. Gillian Taylor: I suppose they told you that.

Spock: The hell they did.

Kalin said...

Ugh horses love to stress us out! My guy had one once but it was from a bee sting. Poor guy is allergic to everything and it decided to swell up like crazy! :P

Britney Muller said...

Such an interesting & insightful horse story! Thanks for sharing