December 15, 2015

Hay Bags

I like using hay bags, I've seen first hand that they reduce waste and definitely extend the chew time a horse gets from the same amount of hay.

At first Chance wasn't too sure about the hay net, he scouted out the piles I set out in the run-in shed since I had not purchased more hay nets yet.  He would eat the free hay first and then grudgingly come back to the hay net.

Dani is a pro, so she showed him how to work the bags and he's gotten to a point that it's no big deal.  Of course every pony wants huge mouthfuls of hay at a time.  These bags make them savor every little bite.

We finally got two more bags for the run-in shed feeding station.  I want to keep the bags in a protected place for when it's raining.  The ones I use in the stable yard can be moved to the stalls if we have heavy rain.   It's not ideal but I don't want all my hay getting soaked therefore being wasted in the yard.  Plus I like to help keep my ponies drier during the wet rains.  So far we haven't had any major skin issues, just Chances chest dermatitis.

Our hay routine seems to be working well but I definitely can't wait until the green grasses come back.  I'm sure the ponies can't wait either!  Yum!

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Mrs Shoes said...

Oh my goodness - thank you because you just gave me an idea.
I'm going away for Christmas & my husband will generously be taking overtime so that the younger guys with families can be home with them. But that leaves my horses without anyone home to feed lunch... If Mr Shoes does what you're doing & hangs filled bags when he sets out breakfast then nobody has to skip a meal while I'm gone.
I use bags in my trailer all the time, but since I've never gone away in winter before I just wasn't thinking - good thing for the ponies that you gave me a jolt. Now we can ALL have a Merry Christmas here!