December 11, 2015

Apple Trees and Washing Machines...

Steve and I planted a fig bush and four apple trees one weekend ago.  We look forward to growing the apples and making cider in a few years.  It will be at least 2-3 years until the baby trees start producing apples.  Until then we have some cute sticks to view in our yard.

We plan on planting other fruit trees too like pear and cherry.  Feeling like little farmers on our farmlett!  In the spring we'll also begin our vegetable and herb garden.  We'll have great compost by then too!  

Loki guarded us while we planted...even though I took pictures I was a hard worker and dug holes too!   LOL

Then we took a walk in the woods next to the property and saw an old washing machine.  ?????  So random.  Even though it's not our piece of land we'll get around to cleaning out this and some of the other trash we've found in the woods.  Yuck.

There are many things on our to do list to improve the property.  We have a drainage/substrate issue in the stable becomes a mud pit and nearby we have standing water with even just a minor rain fall.  We have plans to work on a french drain, then to build up the yard with some road base and then comfy pea gravel.

If only we had all the time and money we needed to get this done yesterday!!


Mrs Shoes said...

After 8 years on this place I think the work never ends for people who like things tidy & safe & clean & attractive & useful & productive & .... See what I mean? ;-)

Your place is coming along fantastic Christie; there is nothing quite like vegetables & fruit grown on your own piece of heaven.
There were some 5' trees here when we bought the place; we had no idea what they were. Fall of 2014 I felt a lot of trees in the yard & down the lane were slow growers - I would like to see them be good sized TREES one day in my lifetime! I decided to pound in tree & shrub fertilizer stakes on the drip lines &, lo & behold, this year 3 of those trees were loaded with tart/sweet good-sized apples for the first time ever. What a pleasant surprise! Now inspired to add some pear trees this year.

Mrs Shoes said...

p.s. That wash tub could make a really cool upcycled planter (with your handy rehab skills) or a piece of what my husband refers to as "farm art".
Found a similar tub (but no legs on it) half buried in the ground this past summer - hubby is re-inventing it into a vegetable washing sink as part of a potting bench for me.

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