December 26, 2015

Scrub a Dub Dub

Chance has some type of skin issue on his chest.  The vet said to keep treating it with MTG and then get some Hibiclens to wash his chest.  It was a warm day, been unusually warm in the SE from what it sounds like.  We still wanted to heat up some water so I was able to utilize my bucket heater.  This thing is great!  Heats in 10 minutes or so.  We didn't need it too hot but we have the ability to get the water pretty darn toasty!

Steve first rinsed Chances chest and then scrubbed the Hibiclens all over his itchy spots.  Then we let the soap sit to let the antibiotic properties take effect.

While Chance chilled and we waited for the rinse water to heat up he investigated some clean water in a bowl and decided to play with it.  This boy loves water.  When I fill the troughs he'll lip at the water coming out of the hose and splash around with his nose.  He's so cute.  I wonder if he's ever tried to roll during a water crossing?

Once the ten minutes were up Steve took the warm water and rinsed the medicated soap off his skin and fur.  The skin was less bumpy afterwards.  We'll have to continue with MTG and then maybe another wash.  Chance was a sweetheart as we took care of him.  He nuzzled Steve's shoulders and lipped at his hair.  What a patient little boy.  He certainly seems less itchy but we have more wet and warm weather the next couple weeks so I have to be diligent about the ponies hooves and skin.

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