December 14, 2015

Australian Stockman's Saddle

Very exciting news!  This fun, rather large box showed up at our house the other day.

Steve and Chances saddle arrived.  We'd sent a wither tracing so it fits him very nicely.  

The only pad that slightly fit was my English one but even then it was a bit too small.  We have an Australian on on order plus a leather hole punch (great tool to have in the tack room anyways).  When I mounted up I noticed the stirrups need to be shorted by many inches so we'll punch some holes properly once we get that tool.  I was bummed I didn't get to ride Chance much, not being able to reach the stirrups on a horse I haven't ridden since I test rode him is not something I'm took inclined to do.

I also received my barn calendar for the next year.  I've already premarked when I need to feed them psyillium (if I keep them on it out here).  I can also put dates for appointments and possible hoof trimming.

I think my favorite months will be July....

And December...

What?  I girl needs a barn calendar!

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Mrs Shoes said...

Fair is fair - Steve should get to have a Cow-Girl calendar in his garage. Yes?

Daughter rode her mare in an aussie saddle - when daughter was gone I tried the saddle & my SIL tried the saddle, but both of us felt that particular one pitched us too forward in the seat. I was disappointed as daughter had sworn by that saddle. Since daughter is far too citified & lives 19 hours away, I sold the saddle.