September 23, 2015


The next few posts will be out of order but I guess the 2 year old will come out in me right now...."My blog, my way".  LOL.  We closed on our house in NC on September 15th.  It was just me at the closing since Steve had to be at work in Minneapolis and it was one of those rare times he couldn't work around it but that's fine.  We got a power of attorney and I signed my arm off.

His parents were awesome and came up to help me unload the two PODs and the horse trailer.  We moved most of the stuff into the garage.  Then we set up the bedrooms, living room and office to start.  I'm overwelmed with all the boxes!  

I mostly have the kitchen set up where I can use it which is nice.  The kitchen has fewer cabinets so I am struggling with where to put everything.  Since we didn't have time to donate or have a yard sale before moving we'll probably make several trips to Goodwill before we are fully moved into the house.

Yes this wasn't a pony post but I needed to get something out to let you know that me, hubby and the other critters are doing well.  I'll try to get this blog caught up with other home stuff and then of course once pony arrives it will be back to pony time!  I can't wait to have her here!

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