September 25, 2015

Prepping the Barn for My Girl

Like the rest of the house...I'll get to that...the barn was very spidery and had several wasp nests that needed eradicating.  I started in the feed room with a broom and a long stick.  I sprayed the perimeter with Home Defense though I know I'm just going to have to keep on top of the spiders and other critters.

A good once over sure made a difference.  Then I picked up some free pallets and got those set in the room.

The back area needed some work on the uneven "stepping blocks" that were there.  In ten minutes I was able to make them relatively flat.  There we go, we're getting somewhere!

I started on the tack room next, I was happy that two saddle racks and a couple bridle holders were left along with several blanket racks.  After sweeping and despidering a little bit I rearranged some of the bridle racks and began moving my supplies into the room.  The tack room in my trailer became empty really fast!  I still want to move things around and get it all organized but at least it's all there an accessible.

Next I cleaned the aisle which had a layer of old hay or straw.  Some was pretty icky so I wanted to get that up and neat.  It uncovered some areas that need to be filled in with road bed or some similar type material that will compact down.  The barn yard also had a ton of hay.  I probably carted about 5-6 wheel barrow loads of old gross hay.  The plan will be to eventually grade this area and make it have better drainage with some type of rock that I've seen many use for high traffic areas.

The stalls had old and urine soaked pine chips.  I removed all that, swept the mats and added a couple bags of fresh shavings to one stall in preparation for Dani's arrival.  She won't be stalled but at least will have a comfy place in the stall.  I may need to get some more shavings.  The stalls need some work with grading the surface to make it smooth and compact since there are many dips.  One stall is better than the other.  The mats seem in good condition so I'll just have to remove them, fill in the dips and compact the area then reapply the mats.

With a hay net filled and waiting for her I was done.  Now I just need my pony!!!

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Mrs Shoes said...

Your new place looks wonderful Christie; it's so exciting for you I'm sure! Can't wait to see Dani's reaction to her own place.