September 02, 2015

New muzzle

Dani was rubbing a hole in her grazing muzzle so I decided to buy a couple extras.  I decided to try one by Tough One with larger breathing holes.

I bought some snazzy little protectors too since she's rubbing the fur off one of her cheeks in a spot. 

Well it didn't take long before she learned how to scrape the halter off on the fence!  The thing doesn't use a snap but instead uses velcro and not much. This halter is not Dani proof.

So I then found little disk inserts you can get for a standard cribbing muzzle.  They worked pretty well with her regular muzzle and are much cheaper than buying a new one.  I may be able to figure out a way to make the Tough Ones harder to get off for my silly mare since I like the design and since I have them, might as well put them to use. 

For now at least she has a working halter though the disk captures yuck underneath it so you have to clean it more regularly.  We'll see what we can do once we get to North Carolina....headed out and officially moving next week!!!

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