September 26, 2015


On a dark and stormy night a large rig pulled up to my house around 9pm.  It was filled with ponies neighing away but there was only one on there my heart pounded with anticipation to see.

With snorts and wide eyes my girl came off the ramp.  The driver was happy to be rid of her since she had been a pain the entire trip.  They had to put her in a large stall and separate from the others.  Yes, she doesn't travel well but she's a good horse but he'll never know that.  He was happy to hand her off to me and be on his way.

The barn yard was muddy from rain for the past day and half.  Dani was full of neighs as she called out to horses up across the little valley from her.  She ate some beet pulp, hay and drank some water.  She wasn't in bad shape at all so I was pleased.  

The next morning she ate her supplement and still nibble on hay and bits of grass.  The mud seemed worse with equine pock holes throughout.  Dani moved in and out of the shelter, unsure of what to do.  She seemed less nervous and stressed this morning which is good.  She'll settle in.

And though it's yucky outside it's nice to have a view with a pony from my back windows!


Mrs Shoes said...

Being able to see our horses from every window of the house is one of the things I love best about my house too - that pretty view never gets old. Oh Christie, you'll be able to know her personality that much better too for having the opportunity to see her when she's frisky or bouncy or staring a hole through your window just willing you to come outside & feed her something yummy.
I predict you'll be looking out the windows A LOT from now on.
So happy for how you must be feeling right now.

Kalin said...

Happy for you! :) Having them home is so amazing!

Lauren Patrick said...

Yay! So glad she is home safe with you!