September 24, 2015

Traveling Across Country

Steve and I left my parents house on September 9th.  We didn't leave as early as we had hoped, it took longer to get the everything set and ready and then we had to capture the two cats.  Steve drove the truck with horse trailer with the two cats and hermit crabs.  I drove the civic with the two dogs and spider.

After being on the road for 20 minutes Steve called me over the 2 way radio and said it smelled like poop in the truck.  We stopped and checked out the kitties.  Poor little Stubs.  I took her in her carrier into the civic to be able to clean out the carrier.  At least it wasn't a total mess.  She clung to my lap as I used tissues to get the poop out.  I may have gotten a little pee on me but oh well, who am I trying to impress.  She went back into the carrier reluctantly.  I cleaned up and then we were on the road again.

We had to drive slower with the trailer but made decent time.  After a pit stop we continued on and then there was a stink call again on the 2 way.  We pulled into a rest stop and I took care of Stubs again.  She was shaking so I held her a bit after cleaning up a little poop in the carrier once more.  She buried her little face in my arms but then looked out the window a bit before I put her back in her carrier.

Later that day we had to stop into a Petco in Missouri to get some cat litter since Steve placed the little box in a precipitous location in the horse trailer so it fell and spilled litter the whole drive.  Then we got lost and took some back roads (that you Google Navigator) until we heard banjos....luckily we finally found the hotel around 10pm.  We didn't have good luck parking the trailer close to the room so it was a pain unloading what we needed and getting the critters settled.  It was a long first day.

I am happy to report that the next two days went much better and were a bit shorter.  I'm also glad that Stubs didn't have any more accidents though at times she just mewed incessantly at my poor husband.  We made it into Durham and then spent 3-4 days in a hotel there before the closing.  At least it gave us some time to relax a bit.  The dogs got into a huge fight though and Spencer was bandaged on his head like some WWII soldier.  I was so ready to get to the house.  At least we made it across country in one piece.  More to come!


Mrs Shoes said...

Traveling with animals is never easy; the poor things are so confused I am sure.
Glad though that it's all over now & you can all settle in.

Did you say.... SPIDER? (eek)

Lauren Patrick said...

I have fallen so far out of the blog world for many many months. You moved to Durham, NC? I am in Central, Virginia. You were my Colorado blog buddy, so I think it is funny that now you live so close again! haha. Anyways, you now probably think I am a creepy stalker, so I will bid adieu!

Christie Maszki said...

Lauren it's all good. Yeah, moved east. Sorry I'm not your Colorado blog buddy anymore but perhaps we can be neighboring states buddies!!