December 31, 2014

Who's Your Daddy?

Better late than never.  I finally got around to registering my mare in my name.  She's registered but with the record of an owner from nearly 4-5 years ago.  The gal I bought Dani from never registered her either so I had to pay extra for the double transfers in the registration.  It's yet another thing I'm not really going to have a use for since I don't show at this time.  But it's good to get done and I have another document stating this girl is all MINE!

I of course did not pay for a change in name.  Dani's registered name is Steiner Honor.  To me it just seems a lot of breeders are terrible at naming horses.  Here are a few odd names in her pedegree.  Niobrara Blackledge, Topside Eager Beaver and Gay's Irish Annette.  WHAT????  

Dani as a young mare when she was first cart trained

I figured what better time to go through her pedigree a little than right now after just registering her.  I found many pictures of her ancestors on the Morgan Horse Association website.  Not surprisingly the mares were hard to come by and only a few noted stallions could be found.  I wasn't going to spend too much time trying to find all of this!

Gallant King
Gallant King

Gallant King is Dani's grandfather on the sire side.  I'm guessing he is where she gets her animated trot.  It appears he was involved in sulky/roadster races.  He seems to be trotting rather than pacing but I wouldn't know if he was a gaited Morgan or not from these pictures.



Flyhawk is Gallant King's Sire and Dani's Great grandfather.  What a gorgeous neck and nice stocky build.  Dani looks like him but in chestnut.

Go Hawk

Go Hawk is Dani's Great, Great Grandfather and of course father of Flyhawk.  Handsome looking boy. As stated on All Breed Pedigree "From an old-fashioned fast trotting strain of Morgans-good cross on Jubilee King Mares--H.B. Greenwalt." All of them are black accept Gallant King.  Florette, seen below is Flyhawk's Dam.  She was crossed with Go Hawk.  Below she is pictured with another foal and we can't really get a good look at her.  I see ribs though which is sad.

Florette with a foal Annadale

I'm still looking four generations back, the Great, Great grandparent (GGG) section of Dani's pedigree.  Another GGG is Jubilee King, very upright neck and noble head with a kind eye.  That's my Dani Girl!  Up to now all the horses have been on her Sires side, Yampa Romeo.  I didn't have much luck with the ancestors on her Dam's side, TMM Lady Jane.

Jubilee King

On her Dam's side but also a fourth generation GGG is Broadwall Brigadier, he was a bay and gorgeous.  That face and the ears and the hooves.  I see where Dani gets her good looks even way back in her pedigree.

Broadwall Brigadier

Then lastly there is Applevale Encore, a brown stallion.  He won a Grand Champion Amateur Park Harness, and Grand National Reserve Champion Park Harness.

Applevale Encore

Dani certainly has a lot of trot in her pedigree with Roadsters and Park horses.  Flyhawk was a good working Western horse and I think his lines contributed to her all around gentle demeanor with the trotty horses added in for a bit of flash.  LOL.

Anyways, this is my mares heritage.  Kinda fun to see but doesn't make a big difference to me.  She's be just as beautiful to me if she was grade.


Barb D said...

This is an outstanding blog entry - I love it!

Christie Maszki said...

Thanks! Always welcome comments from her sisters owner!!!!

Debbie Trujillo said...

Hi Christie,
Barb D sent me your blog. I am a long time Morgan owner/lover and used to board my first mare at Everett Reed's farm in Brighton. He owned Gallant King. I thought I'd let you know a few things about King. He was a beautiful horse, full of charisma, but very kind and easy to work around even though he was a stallion. He was shown in Roadster classes and also Pleasure driving. Our regional Morgan show used to have 1/2 mile races when it was at Estes Park and King was shown in those also. He did not pace and had a wonderful balanced trot. He lived to the ripe old age of 35 and died from a heart attack during the night. He survived and thrived after two major surgeries for Kidney stones in his mid to late 20s. King loved to show off and knew he was top horse in the barn. He was a very cool horse and much loved by numerous people. Everett gave him a retirement ceremony at the Circle J show in Estes. He drove King into the ring and drove him out with a cooler over him that was covered with all of King's blue ribbons, over 175 of them.
I'm so glad you love your mare and transferred her to your name too!! It's great to know their background as Morgan characteristics/blood comes through to later generations, and they have such a great history too. Plus, it helps the registry keep track of horses and provides Dani with an identity that won't be lost.
Thanks for the interesting blog! Enjoy your mare!

Andrea Gagnon said...

Hi I have been looking back into the pedigree of my dads amazing horse Andalusite. his sire was Gallant King and that is how I came across your blog. I really enjoyed reading it.