December 30, 2014

Something's Fishy

I like to post about my other critters on occasion.  A tragedy occurred in early November.  I'd had a nice day at the barn only to return home and find all my fish in my 55 gallon tank dead.  My CO2 regulator had failed and gassed all my fish to death.  

We'd had a near disaster over a year ago with another regulator and thought this issue was solved.  Luckily a year ago my hubby was home and saved all the fish with a water change.  We'd only lost one fish then.  This time no one was home so all my babies were gone.  I was so angry and sad.  I ended up dismantling the tank, getting rid of my live plants and changing out the plant substrate.

I decided to go with fake plants, no more high tech aquarium for me, I was done.  So it's been about two months and I've slowly built up my tank with new fish.  I have cory cats, zebra danios, neons, pictus cat fish, tiger barbs, pearl gouramis and moonlight gouramis.  It's coming along and I think even with the fake plants it's looking good.


lytha said...

When is a C02 regulator required? I don't have one, just a series of sponges and bags of pebbles and a filter back there. I love the look of real plants but aquariums are enough work so I had to go plastic. I wish they made realistic plastic plants. Did you know last January my guppies had babies? Then all the adults died and out of the 20 babies, only 4 survived, and they are vastly different in size, you'd never know they were the same batch. I've learned a lot these past 2.5 years with fish. Lots of mistakes made, like putting female betas with a male. Oops.

I love the pics of your aquarium, you really put a lot of work into it.

Christie Maszk said...

The CO2 is for a high tech planted tank. Some plants require more light and the co2 helps them grow better and reduces competition with the algae. Yeah, never again. I tried for several years with plants and I think the high altitude I live at just kills regulators. Thanks for the comments on my tank though. I'm happy to have swimmy things back in it again.