December 24, 2014

Gonna See Pony Xmas Eve!!

Bad weather, too much to do and darkness when I'm off work.  I miss my pony.  At least with a few days off I can get some extra time in with her.

Until my next post check out my new blog on Soap Making!  I've been making cold process soap since 2004.  I haven't made much in the past couple years with busy pony stuff but I've missed it and decided to get back into it.  My first tries have been a little odd as I get back in the swing of thing....kinda like when I first got back into riding.

Hopefully cute pony pictures will be arriving here soon!


lytha said...

Interesting that you brought up soap today when I spent the morning researching soap! I ended up calling my mother in law asking exactly how this odd old fashioned soap called Kernseife is used. Because two people told my yesterday to soak my horse's hoof in it due to slight lameness (they suspect an abcess). So I get this soap and it's in strange white waxy blocks, cheap, with no directions, but the Internet seems to say that grandma used to do all her laundry with it. How on earth do you use it to make a foot bath? As soon as I opened the package I realized I knew that scent from my past - Ivory soap! The ingredients match. So what on earth do horse people use Ivory soap for? Hm, strange people. There seems to be a lot of salt in it so maybe it is like an epson salt bath. I was told to use a cheese grater and stir it up til it dissolves. What fun, scraping up the soap into strips. Now I want to wash other things with it. Too bad it's not one of my horse's white legs, that would take care of two things at once. It's so strange how Germans use things but I suppose it's possible that Ivory was used for home remedies in the past as well.

Christie Maszki said...

That is such a coincidence. Not sure if my soap would be a cure for any horse ailment but that sure is interesting.