December 29, 2014

Swishing Tail

I went out to ride on Sunday for a bit.  I'd received some nice Mountain Horse Rimfrost boots for Christmas.  Man were they cushy and warm!  I paired them with some fleece lined jods and stayed pretty warm.

Dani was cute as ever in her paddock.  She was actually laying down soaking up the sun when I arrived.  I groomed and tacked her up, English today!  Been a long time since I used this saddle.  I figured I was going to work on some lateral moves and the dressage saddle would be most comfortable.

I mounted with the mounting block again, Dani was a good girl.  We went into the arena and walked around a bit.  I had her flex some and did some serpentines to loosen up.  Then we faced a fence and I tried to ask for the sidepass.  I pressed with my left leg and had pressure on the left rein while looking right and opening the "door" with my leg.  She maybe took some steps but often tried to back.  We kept working and I felt her getting frustrated with a swishing tail.  We moved onto a circle at the walk and then more changes of direction.  Eventually we just walked around the arena.  Swishing of the tail continued.

I kept petting her for good responses to really simple movements including a simple stop.  I think we need some help with learning the lateral movements.  Maybe I'll take a few lessons this spring.  We walked around the barn and each time when we got to a little incline Miss Dani decided a trot was on order but I checked her immediately.  I tried a couple times to go up the hill without her trying to trot but she kept doing it.  I made sure my legs were off her and I was sitting properly and not giving mixed signals.  Who knows she was feeling a bit giddy today.  

I untacked her, groomed her and then brought her back to her pasture with a big hug and cuddles.  I'm hoping that with some of the days off around the New Year I can get out there a couple more times.  I'll research side passing and other moves I can do with her.  Still, any day in the saddle is a good day.

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