October 30, 2014

Nailed it!!!

This is going to be a very girly post.  I have never been able to wear nail polish for longer than a day, they chip or peel usually within the first six hours.

Forget wearing nail polish at the barn, there is no way. I always have short, short nails to.  I've since discovered some at home gel nail kits.  The system I've been using is called Sensationails.  The first test was with the light pink that came with the starter kit, see picture above.

I painted right over that after a day with a mauve color.  I was impressed it survived a grooming and hoof picking session!

So far I've tired a Cappucino color....

Then this lighter silver color which is called Disco Fever....

Finally what I have on now is a darker grey silver with blue and green tones.  I've moved my grandma, gone to the barn, cleaned the house, done dishes.....these gel nails rock and I'm slowly getting better at application (especially when I have to use my left hand to paint)

So just wanted to let horse ladies out there that have a desire for pretty nails that last, check out Sensationails or even Sally Hansen gel nails.  I love that I can go to the barn, groom Dani and then go to the store and not have to look at all the dirt under my nails or figure out how to clean under them before I can get home to running water.

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Laura @ Bit by Bit said...

I need to get this! My nails always look atrocious and, like you, manicures last barely a day so it is hardly worth the time and money. This sounds like an excellent solution!