October 06, 2014

Musings about a Serene Sunday

Can I just say that I love having my horse trailer at the barn with all my gear!  Dani has been tied a couple times to the trailer for grooming and tacking.  She's really curious about the tack room.  I guess if she loads in there the back will be a cinch right?

I came out Sunday to do some touch-ups on the trailer.  I still have diamond plate caulking to do to prevent water from getting behind the material, then I have the tack room door that needs final coats of paint before I can install my hanging grooming sorter.  The back still has caulking to be removed and rust to be treated.  I have the whole back horse area to paint and need to get that done in the next week or so as October will bring colder temperatures.

I was getting frustrated with the caulk gun so decided I needed to take a break and have some pony time.  In the saddle time was not a good idea with my frustration so instead I took pony on a walk across the street to the high school.  M rides here and so does Baruk's owner.  There is a path that goes around the whole property.

Near the track there is a big sandy area that M often likes to ride since it's nice and soft.  Dani liked it and I'm sure if she'd been able would have rolled around in the soft silkiness.  Behind the school is a beautiful cemetery.  Dani was blowing a lot as we walked by so I didn't stop to take a picture, unsure if she was nervous or just curious.  Ghosts you think?

We came back to the barn, and I applied some meds to her scratches on her hind legs.  This is something that developed in the past couple weeks.  At first I thought it was mud but it seems to be scratches.  There doesn't appear to be any skin irritation or inflammation so I'm applying MTG for now.

I came back after bringing her to her pasture and started back on the project, attitude adjusted.  I painted the interior of the tack room door, touched up some extra holes we created when attaching some door hold backs and added a layer of paint to the inside of the horse door.

Here are some pictures of the tack room in use.  I made little fleece pillows to stable to the wooden posts and nailed a horseshoe on the end of each saddle rack.  It's great for handing helmet bags or random tack.  Looks nifty too.  Don't mind the mess I am still getting my tack room organized!

All day this little black kitty was hanging around me supervising.  It was nice and relaxing out there, calm and beautiful day.  It was great to have his little meows keep me company as I plugged away.  I've so run out of gas to finish these last things for the trailer, I'm so tired and soooo done.  But I'm not done and have to keep going to get it all complete before it's too cold to paint.

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Terry said...

So sorry Dani has scratches. That's a down side of our wetter weather!
Gosh, the trailer looks great.