October 14, 2014

Hold backs and hold ups

Steve and I got some hold backs put on the trailer doors.  I'm loving these with the windy days we've been having!  The tack room door was odd since it doesn't open all the way and lay flat against the body of the trailer so I purchased a couple different types before finding this rubber one with an angle bracket and extender.

I'm also happy that these hold back don't look as much like a penis as a lot of others.  Sorry but I don't want to have a penis sticking out of my trailer sides!

Rust treatments on the inside of the trailer caused an issue on the outside after a heavy downpour.  The window railings dribbled the black stain down the outside of my trailer.  I have to retouch this area!  Darn it!  Now that I was able to get out and prime a bit inside this won't happen again but I'm hoping that I'll have the inside totally painted within the week.  

Time is short with temperatures dropping and I want to make sure the temperature is appropriate for proper paint cure.  I plan on painting the entire inside and adding a rubber coating to the baseboards in the future.  I just don't know if I'll have the time to do that now.

Frustrated that I have to repaint this area or try and clean it but it could have been worse I guess.  

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